Band Saw Blade Welder, Flash butt welding of band saw blades

  Characteristic data for flash butt welder of band saws «Chaika–40B»

Welder «Chaika-40B»

«Chaika» machinery is designed for flash butt welding of band, bi-metallic, other types of saws, band knives and other items made of high carbon and alloy steel, and their heat treatment. The machine is designed for industrial application and has high efficiency. Current version - UHL-4. The machine has been patented (patent number 77255 on 04.08.2004, Bull. № 11, 15.11.2006) and certified (UkrSEPRO).



Line voltage, V
Current consumption (during welding), A 10
Width / thickness of the welded bands, mm 10...40
Amount of welds (bands) per hour 30...40
Time of welding, s 0,9…2,0
Welding  voltage, V 2,8...3,2
Cooling water, self-contained
Upset  force, N 200...400
Adjustment of the heat treatment continuous

Boundary dimensions:Width (approx.) хHeight (approx.)хDepth (approx.),mm

Weight (net), approx,kg

This model take out of production from the 1 March 2018. Warranty package, as well as post-warranty service is carried out without changes.

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Band Saw Blade Welder, Flash butt welding of  band saw blades.

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