Band Saw Blade Welder, Flash butt welding of band saw blades

  Characteristic data for flash butt welder of band saws «Chaika-FBWM–60»

The machine Chaika-FBWM-60 is designed for flash butt welding of tapes, knives, band saws, plates, etc. of high carbon and alloy steels and their subsequent thermal treatment. The machine is designed for industrial use with a high performance.

Technical data machines for flash butt welding «Chaika-FBWM-60»

Model FBWM-60
Primary voltage, V 400
Power kVA 7,5
Max. primary current (in welding), A 15
The width / thickness welded tapes, mm   3 ... 60 0,4 … 1,3
The number of welds (tapes) per hour 30 ... 40
The welding time, with 0,8 … 2,5
Positioning accuracy, mm 0,01
welding voltage, V 2,8 ... 3,4
Cool water, independent
Stress rainfall, N 1100
Adjust the heat treatment manual / automatic  
Dimensions   sizes HxLxB, mm 500x410x370
Weight, kg 85
  • Computer-controlled management allows in seconds to move to a different type of welding saws and choose the optimal process parameters and heat treatment specifically for this saw.
  • Step by step tips for developers to start working with the machine operator with a minimum qualification.
  • Automatic three-stage heat treatment with heating and temperature control via pyrometer provides a high quality weld.
  • A unique clamp design, which are fully disclosed and make it easy to position the belt fabric, cleaned and sanded clips without dismantling them.
  • The thickness of the welding tape is set on the scale, and thanks to the special design provides a uniform clamping over the entire width of the blade.
  • Evaluation of the quality of the weld immediately after welding.
  • Multi Language: Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Lithuanian, etc..
  • The package includes a cooling system, a device for polishing copper current leads, bracket for hanging band saws and pyrometer.

Welding machine for butt welding of band saws,
wire rods and bars

Welding machine for butt welding of band saws, wire rods and bars

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Band Saw Blade Welder, Flash butt welding of  band saw blades.

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