Chaika FBWM-60 flash-butt welder mashine

flash-butt welder mashine for saw Chaika FBWM-60. Intended for welding of band saws, metal tapes and wires in a joint through contact-butt welding

Welding machine "Chaika FBWM-60" is intended for welding of band saws, metal tapes and wires in a joint through contact-butt welding.

Main advantages of the flash-butt welder mashine "Chaika FBWM-60"

  • Over 15 years in the market of welding machines for contact-butt welding melting;
  • Computer control allows you to switch to welding another type of saw in a few seconds and choose the optimal parameters of the welding and heat treatment process exactly for this saw;
  • Walkthroughs allow you to start working with a car with an operator with a minimum qualification;
  • Automatic heat treatment with two-stage heating and temperature control with the help of a pyrometer provides high quality weld seam;
  • The unique design of fully-opened clamps makes it easy to set dust, clean and polish the clamps without the need for disassembly;
  • The thickness of the saw is selected on a scale, and thanks to the special design of the clamps, a uniform clamping along the entire width of the saw is provided;
  • Evaluation of the quality of the weld immediately after welding;
  • Multilingual interface includes the following languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian, Lithuanian;
  • The presence of water cooling ensures high performance without detriment to electrodes;
  • Sending machine statistics to the WEB server for remote control and analysis of the work of the welding section;
  • On request, installation of electrodes for wire welding is possible;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service;
  • Our representations in 5 countries.
  • Possibility of branding for your company;
Key Features of Chaika FBWM-60
Parameter Value
Network Voltage, V 400
Power, kVA 7,5
Stabilization of heat supply present
Width of welded belts, mm 3 – 60
The thickness of the welded tapes, mm 0,4 – 1,6
Productivity, welds/hour 30 – 40
Duration of welding, sec 0,5 – 5,5
Voltage of welding, V 2,8 – 3,4
Positioning accuracy, mm 0,01
Precipitation effort, N. до 1150
Cooling system autonomous, water
Overall dimensions, mm 500×410×370
Weight kg 83

You can see the work of our welding maine from our clients, our representatives, including and in Kiev, as well as at specialized exhibitions: "Lisderevmash" (Kyiv, Ukraine), "Деревообробка" (Lviv, Ukraine).

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